The Truth About Sugar

with Debra Chance, DC and Miranda Meyer, MNT- According to the documentary, Fed Up, 80% of our processed food has added sugars. Watch our video to learn to dangers of too much sugar, how to read labels, and if how to maintain a great blood sugar balance to prevent serious diseases.   

Download a free list of "hidden" sugars here: Hidden Sugars

Salmon is a great source of essential fatty acids.

About fifty years ago, researchers found that there was a direct link between cardiovascular disease and hydrogenated and trans-fats. It was proposed that we change our diets to reduce or eliminate saturated fats, and to add unsaturated fats to increase health benefits and decrease disease.

Essential Fatty Acids (EFA) are unsaturated fats that are nutritionally important because they help support cellular processes, fight cardiovascular disease, help suppress appetite by keeping blood sugar and insulin levels stable, decrease inflammation and water retention in cells, and increase energy production.

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The proper way to wear a backpack.


 Did you know that 60% of children will experience back pain by the time they are 18? 

There are about 40 million teenagers that carry a back pack to school everyday. Recently, the Consumer Product Safety Commission issued a warning concerning injuries related to back packs. They estimate that "3,300 children aged 5-14 were treated in the emergency rooms last year for injuries related to book bags". 

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Prenatal chiropractic can help you and your baby.

 1. Chiropractic for pregnant mothers not only reduces the amount of pain in the lower back, but also in the rest of the body. As the baby gets bigger it pushes on the ribcage, pelvis, and pubic bone, and creates greater weight in the front than in the back. In addition, the hormone relaxin is released in the body and the ligaments become looser and more unstable. Many women report a decrease in low back and sciatic pain after receiving chiropractic adjustments.

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