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If you are a current or previous patient at Chance Chiropractic Center, you can have access to high quality products through Wellevate (Emerson Ecologics), which carries Metagenics®, Designs for Health, Pure Encapsulations, T-Relief from MetaNatura (formerly Traumeel from Heel), Vital Nutrients, and more.

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Since moving to Colorado in 2000, I've had the unexpected pleasure to become familiar with many varieties of winter weather. Some years it snows and melts rapidly, some years we see nary a flake until March and April, and some years we must bundle up for the arctic blast and the constant snow storms. Treating my patients for various injuries and ailments throughout the season seems to be consistent with each different type of winter we have. I'd like to pass along my most observable winter maladies and how you can prevent them from happening to you. 

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The cycle of spring, summer, autumn, and winter reminds us that there are cycles within nature, and cycles within our own lives: being born, growing, thriving, and inevitably, dying. When we are young, we cannot wait until we are older, and when we ARE older, we want to slow down and remain young for as long as possible. I hope that we have the opportunity when we are in the growth and thriving phase that we are conscious enough to enjoy ourselves.

When I started seeing patients about 18 years ago, my main goal was to help people with their pain. Chronic and acute pain and injuries responded extremely well to Directional Non-Force Technique® Chiropractic adjustments. What I realized over the years is that chronic pain went hand in hand with other chronic problems: digestive issues, insomnia, neurological problems, immune disorders, and more. As my patient population aged, I witnessed how the aging process affected different groups of people. Their aging and the choices they made directly affected their health.

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Take time to meditate every day.
  1. Spend quality time with yourself. We can get caught up in with all the holiday parties for work, our friends, our families and our kids' friends. Take the time to sit with some hot tea, read a book, go to the gym, cook, whatever makes you happy. This is your gift to yourself.

  2. Send Holiday cards by email. You already have most of your friends and families in your address list. Send them a pre-designed e-card, or if you're creative, do it yourself. It's a perfect way to send the message that you're thinking of them without spending a lot of money and time.

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