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Have you noticed that you are spending more time texting or using your smartphone? What about your e-reader or tablet? The new ultra books allow you to touch the screen, like your other portable devices, and will eventually add insult to injury. If you learn about the types of stress and repetitive injuries that your new devices will cause, you can prevent them from occurring.


I see 3 types of technology injuries in my office:

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We all know that high amounts of stress are a part of our daily lives. How can we not feel overwhelmed with all of our daily obligations, deadlines, and commitments. In the office, I ask people every day about the things they do to de-stress. Common activities that help manage their stressors are meditation, walking, journaling, vacationing, being in nature, yoga, artistic or musical creative activities, working out, prayer, and deep breathing.

A stressor is anything that we perceive as a stress; and it changes the way we act and our physical well being. Family, home, and work are constant stressors if you let them be. Stessors could be juggling time to manage deadlines and schedules, physical disabilities or injuries, financial concerns and worries, contact with toxic fumes, foods, and people. They can be as small as a bad hair day, or as big as a death or illness of a loved one. Constant stressors overwork your adrenal hormones, and put added stress on other areas of your body, including the kidney, liver, brain, heart, muscles, immune system, and other hormones. The constant release of cortisol from your adrenal glands can do so much harm, and lead to many symptoms that may be seemingly unrelated, including diabetes, menopause symptoms, thyroidisms, auto-immune diseases, neurodegenerative diseases (senility, Parkinson's, multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer's Disease), depression, and anxiety.

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Wash your hands often to fight bacteria.
  1. Wash your hands often. Research shows that antibacterial soaps don't offer any more protection against germs than regular soaps. Bacteria are on a mission of survival, and in time they adapt to their environment and resist the antibacterial qualities of the soap. Best bet: washing your hands (front, back and fingers) with regular soap for at least 15 seconds will wash off 90% of germs. A good trick for kids: 15 seconds goes by quickly when they sing their favorite song as they soap up.

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A well-aligned spine can help improve your tennis game.

When spring starts most of us crave the time where we can get outside and play sports. Tennis is one of those sports many people play only in the spring and summer because they don’t have access to indoor courts. It‘s a strenuous sport that requires good eye-hand coordination, strength, flexibility and endurance. To prevent any injuries, it’s important to have proper training, be well prepared, and have the appropriate equipment - or you may experience repetitive motion strains or injuries.

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