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Updated- Closed April 2017 Read here for more information

Darby's Top Reasons to Love this Hike!

  1. A new 3.2 mile off-leash trail area for dogs. A short walk within the enclosed fence (.8 miles), and an addition 2.5 miles of enclosed trails. Includes tiny creek and is partially wheelchair accessible.

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Darby's Reasons to Love this Hike!

  1. Loop around this 1.25 mile lake watching people on the paddle boards and canoes, folks trout fishing, folks having a picnic, bikers, walkers, just all around outdoor fun for the whole family (the two AND four legged members). 

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Darby's Favorite Reasons to love this Hike:

  1. Easy 3 mile loop through the pine and Douglas fir covered forest, the open valley, and flat wetlands. 

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Darby's Favorite Reasons to Love this Hike:

  1. We did a 1.5 mile easy loop: Creekside trail to Bruin Bluff. The trail system meanders through the trees and picnic areas, via Castor Cutoff, until you get used to the layout. It eventually has a short climb (Bruin Bluff Trail), for better views. 

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Darby's Reasons to Love this Hike!

  1. East Trail head connects to hiking only trail-Turkey Trot Trail, a 1.7 mile one way hike. Starts out a bit steep, and turns to switchbacks and long slopes. Connects to the Castlerock Trail-3.8 mile one way goes from east to west entrance. Shorter trails include: Old Ute Trail, Devil's Elbow Trail, Walker's Dream Trail, Two-Dog Trail, Parmalee Trail, Meadow Trail, and Tower Trail. All accessible from the West Entrance.

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