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Hey you! Yes you, the hiker. You wanna go for a hike? Follow me, Darby Dog, to my next hiking adventure in the beautiful Colorado Mountains! Check in for our latest weekly hike, where I write about my 5 favorite-y things.
Tell me about your favorite hike too - I love discovering new DOG FRIENDLY places. See you on the trails!

*New! Off leash trails at Bouldr OSMP trails have new mandatory classes and rules for all owners. Get your off leash dog tags here.

 *UPDATE: Check for trail closures.

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About Darby:

I am a certified Therapy Dog, and just spent a year volunteering with Caring Canines at Good Samaritan Exempla Hospital in Lafayette, Colorado. Check me out on the cover of the 2013 Calendar!  I am employed as a Greeter at Chance Chiropractic Center and in my spare time I like to hike and play frisbee and be a "good girl". You can follow me on facebook too!



Darby's Favorite Reasons to Love this Hike:

  1. Close to Nederland, this hike is great for a short .5 mile around Mud Lake, continue to the Tungsten Loop (.8 miles) and connect to Kinnickinnick Loop (1.1 miles) for a longer excursion. The entire trail is easy; no switchbacks, elevation gain, or boulders to increase difficulty. The trail continues and connects to the Caribou Ranch Link (.5 miles), but no doggies allowed on this trail.

Tags: Nederland, hike

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Darby's favorite Reasons to Love this Hike:

  1. This is a newer trail (formerly known as Joder Ranch) in north Boulder, off Highway 36, just north of Neva Road. Acquired by Boulder in early 2016, this trail follows the slope of the foothills offering great views of the eastern plains and north Boulder mountains.

Tags: hiking, boulder, Joder,

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Darby' Favorite Reason's to Love This Hike:

  1.  This popular spot in north Boulder is great for a quick trip around Wonderland Lake, (1-1.5 miles) or continue through the Foothills Trail and Four Mile Creek Trail (another 2 miles, each way).  This part of the trail is easy and crowded. Watch out for two and four-legged walkers, strollers, bikers, and horses. As social as it is, prepare to check your pee-mail regularly!

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