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Debra Chance, D.C.

Dr. Chance started her journey towards good health in the mid 1990's, after years of searching for treatments for life long headaches and jaw problems. While in chiropractic college, she experienced an especially powerful low‐force adjustment which seemed to last longer and was more effective than the basic chiropractic methods she learned in school. She immediately became a proponent and student of this advanced form of chiropractic known as D.N.F.T.® Chiropractic (Directional Non‐Force Technique). She had finally found sustained relief for herself with this very specialized and highly effective approach to body wellness and relief care, and wanted to bring its benefits to her patients.

After opening her practice in Boulder, Colorado in 2000, and adding an office in Jefferson County in 2001, she soon became the "go to" person for those with chronic and acute conditions. She was honored to be chosen as an expert in her field by being asked to particpipate as a providing doctor for a low back study, published by the Chiropractic Journal Australia, promoting DNFT Chiropractic as as exeptional choice for chronic low back pain. In reality, it is greatly effective for treating all sorts of pain, whether chronic or acute.

Soon after moving her main office to Lafayette, CO, she received state certification in acupuncture, which opened up a broader understanding of why and where dis‐ease starts and how it can be treated. Her acupuncture focus is treating acute and chronic injuries, upper and lower body muscle imbalances, and overall energy balancing.

Functional Medicine, which is different from disease care, is an additional priority for Dr. Chance. As she treats and gets to know her patients, she often finds that their total body health needs are not being fully or properly addressed. Searching for specific answers and having all the correct information empowers patients to make their own good health‐care decisions, so writing and teaching about health and nutrition is a passion for Dr. Chance. She believes that every patient should be their own best healthcare advocate and helping her patients to make the most informed decision is a priority. Our science based approach uses blood, saliva, or stool panels, and several questionnaires to guide us towards the best approach to your nutrition and lifestyle program. We can work with your allopathic or naturopathic doctor as part of your team of health care providers.

 Science based personalized Nutrition Programs for individuals or groups Restart Series: Detox Program™ written and taught by Dr. Chance.


Phase One - Restore: Using blood work and a series of questionnaires, including a food diary and symptom chart, we address the cause of the inflammation and use diet and supplements to help you repair damaged tissue and absorb your food better.

Phase Two - Renew: We determine if your body is detoxing properly, and create a cleanse program that gently eliminates the toxins from your body and supports your cleansing organs.

Phase Three - Re-introduce: Find out which foods are causing the inflammatory responses and eliminate them from your diet. This phase is the most important because it sets you up for healthy eating choices for the rest of your life.

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 Call our office for more information if you need help with:

• Sciatic Pain
• TMJ dysfunction
• Neck pain
• Back pain
• Hip pain
• Shoulder, knee, ankle, foot injuries
• Car, bike, and sports injuries
• Tendonitis, bursitis
• Wellness and Maintenance care
• Chronic pain
• Metabolic Nutritional Assessments: including ordering lab work for blood tests, saliva tests, and food allergy testing.
• Detox and Cleansing with our Guidebook, Restart Series: Detox Program

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"Chronic pain patients ususally have something else that is chronic; factoring this information into a health care program can change patients improvement greatly because their treatments are more specific, direct, and effective." 


Why Choose Chance Chiropractic Center?

To effectively diagnose and treat pain related conditions. At some point in most of our lives, it is likely that we will experience some sort of physical pain. This can be from physical trauma, repetitive stress, emotional stress, etc. Whether it is an acute or a chronic condition, we want to feel better now. People have used chiropractic care for many years because it is a non-surgical and non-drug based form of pain relief and injury care. At Chance Chiropractic, the goal is to find out the root of the pain, correct it and help you from having to experience it again. 

For whole body health for you and your family. When you have health from the inside out, you are stronger, more resistant to illnesses, and have better emotional and mental health. Our patients strive to reach that state of optimal balance using chiropractic and/or acupuncture - not just for injury care, but as part of their family's wellness care plan.

For increased sports performance. Did you know that almost all professional athletes have a chiropractor on staff? Smart athletes know that they need expert help when it comes to taking care of their body. Whether it's for peak performance or injury care, it just makes sense to have someone who can help you maintain your optimum physical health. Athletes of any age should get a tune-up at least once a season, or when they change their sport: skiing, biking, running, golf, swimming, volleyball, football, basketball, baseball, weight lifting, tennis...

For education based healthcare. Our patients enjoy our informative newsletters and workshops because they have access to information they might not get anywhere else. We provide specific solutions on ergonomic workstations, daily stress reduction techniques, nutrition, helpful hints, and healthy lifestyle information.

Within a few years, she received state certification in acupuncture, which opened for her a broader understanding of why and where dis‐ease starts.

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